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How to Pack for Moving House

hanger with a dressPacking is the biggest headache inducing activity and takes up the majority of tips on moving house. When it comes to packing furniture, itís important to get all needed materials (and make sure theyíre not low quality) and pack in waves.

  1. Start a week before moving day with items you wonít be using last week.
  2. Try to coordinate the amount of food you have in the fridge Ė it has to finish exactly one day before the move, so it can be empty on the next and not force you to throw away perfectly good products.
  3. Pack boxes by room and not by item.
  4. Label boxes for each room to make unpacking easier.
  5. The day before the move, pack a box of cleaning essentials and a box of your own essential (snacks, towels, medicine etc) and label them in red so they can stand out and be unpacked first.
  6. Wrap furniture with stretch wrap to avoid scratches.
  7. Pack the last items (sheets, pajamas) in the morning of moving day.

How to Relocate a Business

Once youíve chosen your new place for business, itís time to get to work and move things into action little by little.

  1. Start planning 12 months before the move. Itís going to be a lot of work, so the sooner you start, the better. For this purpose, itís best to make a huge list of all the things you need to do (or at least be aware of). Use an excel spreadsheet, or just plain paper.
  2. Plan the design of the new office. Decide whether youíll be purchasing new furniture, or use the old one. Make an interior design plan and find a place for everything. For this, you can use a special software, draw on plain paper, or hire a designer to take care of everything.
  3. Hire reliable services. If the building rent does not include those, you have to hire your own maintenance, cleaning, security, landline and locksmith service.
  4. Update business cards. You canít use the same business cards with the old address once you move.
  5. Book a quote with a moving company. The earlier, the better. Office removals will surely be needed for moving day.
  6. Calculate relocation costs. Next on your office moving guide is calculating the moving costs. The dilemma here is, should we spend more money on the move and relocate faster to continue with whatís important (namely, work), or do we spend less money, but more time on the move, executing it ourselves.
  7. Delegate responsibilities to lower managers. If youíre a big company, then you have at least a few offices and each office has its own manager. The lower managers know best how to prepare the employees for the move and how to make it as trouble-less as possible. Keep in constant touch for questions.
  8. Send change of address notifications. Post office, power/water/internet suppliers, contacts, business partners, unions, and everyone that might need your new address. Hereís a whole list of institutions that might need it. Sometimes a simple email would suffice, but sometimes you might need to write an official letter. Make sure you announce the date of the move and the new address. You can also use an office relocation announcement template if you find any difficulty.
  9. Build kitchen and wash-rooms. Kitchen, bathrooms, showers should be furnished and in working order, before moving day.
  10. Set up servers, cables and wiring. This is for the last day at the old office, so you donít have to interrupt work flow. Leave this to your IT team.

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How to Unpack After Moving House

table, glasses, flowerUnpacking in the new place is also a part of the house moving guide, and a very important one at that. You cannot start unpacking without a deep clean. So, hopefully you did a good pre-tenancy clean before moving in.

  1. Use the movers to get the furniture where you want it. You canít make things any more easier than this. Furniture is heavy and will give you the most back pain, so knowing which piece of furniture goes where can help you a lot. Just tell the movers where to put everything and youíre only left with opening the boxes.
  2. Place boxes in every room. This is why we had to label the boxes in the first place. Place every box in the corresponding room.
  3. Unpack by room. Start with the kitchen and bathroom. These are the rooms that will more or less stay the same through your whole stay in this place and there probably wouldnít be any rearrangements in the future.
  4. Leave carpets and rugs for the end.
  5. Get rid of moving boxes. There are lots of ways to get rid of cardboard boxes from giving them to friends, to donating, to selling them second hand if theyíre in a good enough condition.

How to Choose the Best Moving Company

How to Choose the Best Moving Company

searching on a laptopDo you have an army of helpers at the ready? Do you have a reliable truck sorted? Do you have enough beer and pizza to satiate your helpers? If not, or your move is too much for your friends and family to handle, the best way for planning a house move is to book a moving company.

  1. Check online. Itís the 21st century and if a business does not have a website, theyíre either complete dummies, or donít have enough budged. Both cases, you donít need them.
  2. Evaluate website. A good moving company maintains a very user friendly website. If they donít give enough info, or donít list benefits, you might be looking at a scam. Even if it is not, theyíre not trying hard enough to keep your interest. You donít need them.
  3. Check benefits. Good companies offer free non-oblication quotes, full insurance, at least a few different service, discounts for booking two or more services, good vehicles and a professional team of moving specialists. These things should be listed.
  4. Ask for payment. Different moving companies charge differently. Some might charge you by the hour, other by weight, and others by staff members, including combinations of all three.
  5. Compare quotes. Since the Internet provides a huge database of businesses you can choose from, itís important to know how to compare different moving quotes, so you can chose the right one for you.

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